headshot2Hi Everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blog! You’re probably wondering why I would start this…

I’ve noticed that oftentimes people are hesitant to say what we’re good at, what we like doing, and what we want to be doing in the future. We’re hesitant to define success in a way that’s meaningful to us. We’re hesitant to say what’s important to us at all.

As a result of this ambiguity we often struggle to find people, jobs, and other activities that engage us and continuously add new meaning to our life.

Self-awareness is difficult, and I thought that surely there was a quick and easy way to become acutely aware of who we are, what makes us happy, and what will continue doing so. I set out to find ways to do exactly that, and I hope to articulate some of those things here.

Ideally there will be some analytical stuff, mushy-gushy stuff, and some things totally unrelated to self-improvement (see: finance, business, Chicago, etc.). There is certainly more to come, and I’m excited to have you along for the ride.